Burying Our Father


Burying Our Father: A Biblical Debacle
June 2012

Isaac and Ishmael meet to bury their father Abraham in the cave that has become one of the most revered and violently contested holy sites in history. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim versions of this ancient story interweave and collide, as Fred and Laura perform all the roles in an outrageous, multimedia mix-up of drama, comedy, music, dance, and light and shadow magic.

Separated at an early age, the half-brothers do not recognize each other. Isaac (whose mother is Sarah) knows a family history that will be written in The Bible and Jewish commentary, while Ishmael (whose mother is Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar) knows the stories as they will appear in The Koran and Muslim tradition. Each assumes that God has chosen him and his descendants to inherit the “Promised Land.” Together at the cave, they sort through their conflicting versions of the same events, seeking to discover what is real.

Burying Our Father: A Biblical Debacle, is an irreverent, hilarious exploration of the similarities and differences between the Abrahamic religions and the impact of these beliefs on the lives of individuals, on family, society, and history.