Fault Lines

fault_linesFAULT LINES
by Rebecca Louise Miller

February 2012

A work of fiction, inspired by the infamous Polly Klaas kidnapping that rocked the United States in the 1990’s, Rebecca Louise Miller’s new play FAULT LINES – which was recently published in “Plays and Playwrights 2011″ – concerns Jessica Cohn, a victims’ rights activist returning to her roots to memorialize her childhood friend, Nina, who was kidnapped from a birthday party and murdered more than twenty years ago. Hounded by the press, Jessica finds herself holed up inside the home of Bethany, another friend of the victim who has, over the years, become devoutly religious. The triangle is complete with the arrival of Kat, a pill-popping alcoholic. Once together, these three women toil with the past and their ruined friendships; each haunted by uncertainty over what they could have and should have done differently.

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