The Lion in Winter

  • The Lion in Winter
    by James Goldman
    A Co-Production between The New Spreckels Theater Company and Main Stage West
    August 2012

    Starring Barry Martin, Sheri Lee Miller*, Jimmy Gagarin, Grant Tambellini, Lukas Thompson, Ben Stowe, and Ivy Miller (* member Actor’s Equity)

    The year is 1183. Like many a modern-day politician, Britain’s King Henry II (Barry Martin) finds it occasionally useful to take his wife out of mothballs and parade her before the public. Henry’s Queen Eleanor (Sheri Lee Miller), long exiled to a faraway castle, is “invited” to join Henry and their three sons for a family reunion. In this way, Henry hopes to maintain a stronghold on his Empire and to prevent the balance of power from shifting to Eleanor or to one of his sons: Richard the Lion-Hearted (Jimmy Gagarin), Prince Geoffrey (Grant Tambellini), or Prince John (Lukas Thompson). Also on hand for the get-together is Henry’s mistress Princess Alais (Ivy Miller) — who covets the King’s influence — and the Princess’ brother, King Philip of France (Ben Stowe). Despite Henry’s efforts to keep his wife and offspring at arms’ length (and away from the throne), Eleanor successfully reunites the brood, assuring that her power will not only be restored, but will last long after her death.