Half Life: A Love Story

Half Life fin_sm
Directed by John Shillington

Runs June 14 – June 30

"Half Life" is a World Premiere Musical written by by Bob Duxbury, John Shillington with music by Janis Wilson. The controversial Willard Libby, Sebastopol Native, Analy High Graduate, Nobel Prize Winner, Cold War Hawk and early pioneer of Climate Research, is the center of a love triangle. Libby’s passion for science is what drives his life but he feels a chemistry with two very different women: Lenore, his devoted wife; and the brilliant, Leona, who helped engineer the first nuclear reactor. "Half Life" was formerly entitled "Crossroads"


$30 General, $25 Senior, $15 Student

By Bob Duxbury, John Shillington, and Janis Wilson

Th, F, Sa at 8 PM;  Sun at 5 PM