Heathen Valley

Heathen Valley Poster art
Directed by Elizabeth Craven

Runs March 29 – April 14

Romulus Linney's haunting southern epic is set in the 1840s where the action of the play centers on the desire of the Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina to bring the word of God to a valley so remote and untamed that brothers marry sisters and the people live lives of brutal violence and grinding poverty. Accompanied by an ex-convict named Starns,  and a young orphan boy, Billy, the sometimes overbearing bishop sets about bringing "order and decency" to the valley. Returning to civilization to raise funds, he leaves Starns behind as his deacon, and before long Starns, has indeed worked wonders. When the bishop returns he is amazed, but also disturbed that perhaps earthly pleasures are replacing the poverty that is more befitting for beholding the glory of God.  


$30 General, $25 Senior, $15 Student

by Romulus Linney 

Th, F, Sa at 8 PM;  Sun at 5 PM