Si Kahn in Concert

Si Kahn In Concert

A Benefit for Main Stage West

Saturday, August 27th @ 8pm, at the former French Garden
8050 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Doors Open at 7pm, with wine by donation
generously sponsored by:
Russian River Vineyards, main stage west’s official wine sponsor 
ray hendess; bob & molly noble; jim & joan peterson; hillary & Chris costin; Bruce kassel &  cheryl kitchell; joanne & doug williams; sally baker; jim passage; glenn & franny minervini-zick; liz & ken meyerhoff; Carol mayo jenkins; suzanne babb



 Please join me in doing what you can to help make sure Main Stage West will always be there for all of us.

SiKahnVerticalSisters and Brothers,

I am 72 years old, and I’m about to make the single largest contribution of my entire life.

Not only that, I’m going to make a special trip to Sebastopol later this month at my own expense, so that on Saturday, August 27th, I will be doing a fundraising concert for Main Stage West at the former French Garden Restaurant.  Like so many of you, I’m deeply saddened by its closing, but so happy and grateful that it’s reopening for this one night so we can raise funds for Main Stage West.

I am beyond proud to have spent the last five years as Main Stage West’s official Artist-in-Residence.

When my latest musical Hope opens on November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, that will be the fifth of my shows to have been developed and presented at Main Stage West, all under the wonderful direction of Main Stage West’s Founder and Artistic Director, and my friend for over 40 years, Elizabeth Craven.

I ask that you please join us for this event.

If you would like to talk to me personally about why I so believe in Main Stage West, and how important I think it is that we each do whatever we can to make this wonderful theater company a permanent home for all of us, please write me at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

In solidarity and for art that matters,

Si Kahn




$35: “A seat at the table”

$75: “This is dedicated to the one I love.”

Remember when radio DJs used to introduce songs with phrases like, “This song goes out to Jim from Linda, with all her love, and will he please hurry up and propose”? At S’s benefit concert, you can send a song out to someone (or some ones) you love, with your personally selected dedication. You can even have a song dedicated to yourself, with a heartwarming message from someone you wish felt that way! Choose from any of Si’s recorded songs.*

$100: “Yes, I do occasionally produce musical theatre.”

Amaze and astound your friends!  Imagine their surprise when they walk into your house and see a framed, autographed copy of the 8 ½ x 11 poster for Hope with an inscription from Si with your name and “Thank you for helping bring Hope to Sebastopol” (Wallet-sized poster slightly extra.)

$150: “My dinner with Andre (sorry. I meant Si).”

Believe it or not, you and a group of your chosen friends can have dinner with Si before one of the performances of Hope this December. Choose from among Sebastopol’s and Sonoma’s leading restaurants (sorry, fast-food is not an option). Available on December 8, 9 and 10 only. (must buy Si’s dinner)

$500: Mix and match 

Mix and match from the above list, or come up with something original.  A one-hour phone consultation with Si about your artistic or political work (these are actually the same thing as far as Si is concerned)? A signed photo of his first dog Snoopy (signed by Si, not the dog)?

$1,000: Immortality – A Si Kahn song written for you 

No kidding.  This is for real.  Si will interview you, write a song based on what you would like to have in it, and send you an MP3 of your song done with his vocal and guitar, plus an autographed copy of the lyrics.  Can you think of a better gift to someone you love, whether it’s your partner or your grandmother?  Or, for that matter, what better gift to yourself?  Not only that, if Si records and releases your song, the liner notes will say the song was written for you.

$1,500: A private concert just for you and your friends

So how about a private concert for you plus up to 25 of your friends and family, right there in your home, or some other place you care about?  No mikes, no amps, just Si and his guitar.  You even get to help make up the set list.  Yours for a $1,500 contribution to Main Stage West.

Hint: If that is more than you can comfortably afford, organize your friends to join you as producers and contributors.

TBA: Outrageous fortune:

So you just inherited a million dollars from a long lost relative, and you want to give $5,000 or $25,000 to a good cause (aka Main Stage West).  Make up your own thank you gift.  An original song from Si at your same-sex wedding or your daughter’s bat mitzah (he’s done both)?  A full-scale replica of the 1953 Chevy Si drove when he was in the Southern Civil Rights Movement (reasonable waiting period required)?  Talk to us.  We will haggle.

*One request: Look, the guy is 72 years old, and he may not remember every word to every song he wrote 40 years ago. So please give him a little advance notice, or at least bring the lyrics with you so he can cram.